Our Story

"We believe that beautiful photography should be available to everyone and for us capturing a special moment in time; from a hidden smile or a beautiful misty morning vista, is what drives us in our passion for photography."

Loose Canon photography was founded by Ross and Bob, a Father and Son team now separated by half the world but still sharing in a passion for all types of photography. Ross was introduced to the world of photography by Bob whilst very young. Developing the skills in further education he became a professional working as a studio portrait photographer. Ross takes every opportunity to embrace his passion for photography at work, in his free time and with his family. With the opening of the Loose Canon Studio in 2013 and working with other talented photographers, he currently finds inspiration in people, wildlife, landscape, and his family.

Bob grew up in the UK but made a life changing decision to emigrate to Chengdu in China. With amazing scenery, people, culture and pandas roaming on the doorstep there is inspiration all around for Bob to indulge in whilst dodging the occasional force 8 earthquake. Bob was also the inspiration behind the name for the site and gives you an idea behind the way he thinks.

We welcome you to browse the galleries and with options available for you to buy in a variety of formats, you could own your favourites on a variety of different print styles that can be seen here.

We hope you enjoy looking around and if you have any questions please feel free to get in contact."

Ross and Bob Davenport